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The Smile Specialists, Dr. David McSurdy & Dr. Sarah Pavlow, are Pennsylvania’s top orthodontists. Our website is designed to acquaint you with our staff, experience & state-of-the-art offices.  Please take a moment to browse through our site, meet our dedicated team, and learn about how you or your child can receive orthodontic treatment in Collegeville & Gilbertsville from our premier orthodontic practice, just 40 minutes outside of Philadelphia.

Our mission is to show our patients that we care by the way we serve them.  Our reward is creating beautiful smiles in an atmosphere of love and respect for our patients. 

 Our vision is to go above and beyond all expectations in providing phenomenal orthodontic care.  Our teamwork and genuine respect for our patients and each other will take us there.


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Shana S

Shana S - Patient

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Landis Girls - Patients


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Lauren M.

“I love the compliments I get on my smile, such a confidence booster all thanks to the smile specialists and their staff.”

Chase K.

“Absolutely, without hesitation, would recommend The Smile Specialists. They are very professional, great with my children, and genuinely care about their patients To top off our experience with our three children, the results are amazing!”

Olivia B.

“I just got my braces off and my teeth look AMAZING! Thank you Dr. McSurdy and the Smile Specialists!”

Anna P.

“We love Dr. McSurdy and Dr. Pavlow! Their office is so nice. The staff is always courteous and professional.”

Sidney P.

“Love the Smile Specialists. Modern facilities, friendly staff, and amazing service!”


Parents — Super Important X-Ray for Kids

Posted on March 11, 2015

Around ages eight – ten, the third molars (wisdom teeth) begin to form. At this age, all children should have a panorex to ensure that these teeth are developing normally. On occasion cysts or tumors can begin to develop at this age range, on or near the third molars. These abnormal growths can be very aggressive and destructive to the jaw bone and adjacent teeth. They should be removed as early as possible. While the vast majorities are benign, they can expand in months to years to very large sizes which makes removal difficult for the oral surgeon. When the

Faster, Gentler Orthodontics

Posted on February 10, 2015

Technology has advanced quality of life in so many ways. It is also true that orthodontics has benefitted greatly from these advancements. My  previous blog on Acceledent explains how micropulses delivered to the teeth for twenty minutes per day can make orthodontic treatment more comfortable and more time efficient. Additionally, Invisalign cases have the advantage of calibrated tooth movement. Many Invisalign treatments can be reduced in treatment length by 50% or more. Thus a traditional two year case can often be finished in one year or less! Patients who prefer braces can expect a more comfortable experience and a 20%

We would love to be your guest speaker

Posted on January 15, 2015

Dr. McSurdy and Dr. Pavlow would love to be the guest speaker at your next group meeting! They enjoy speaking to Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Women’s and Mom’s groups, as well as church groups.  Here are just a few of the possible subjects the doctors could speak about: The Benefits of Dental Hygiene What Happens at the Dentist? Fun Facts about Teeth Common Misconceptions about Orthodontic Treatment Does my Child Need Early Treatment? And When is the Best Age to Visit the Orthodontist? The Truth about Invisalign Adults and Braces There will be time for Questions and Answers as well